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Futaforum Official Policy

The below is a list of the general rules that the staff enforce on Futaforum. They should not be confused with a binding list with which to hide behind, but a common sense list to be used as a guideline for members. To that end staff are NOT limited solely to enforcing the rules listed here and can, as a whole, decide to go beyond the rules here, or even disregard them as special circumstances might dictate. This policy list is perfectly open to amendment and policies can be added or detracted, retroactively, as the staff deems fit.

This should be considered a warning, a policy in itself, no lawyering over these policies will be permitted. There is only one truly binding rule at Futaforum and that is that if the staff, as a whole, disagree with your actions, those actions are wrong.

Blog FAQ

The Blog system gives you your own personal space at Futa Forum | Powered by Futanari Obsession. Depending on how the administrator has configured the blog, you will be able to create your own entries and control who may view them.

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